Google Rebrands G Suite to Google Workspace

Google is known for its ability to evolve and adapt, and the company isn’t afraid of throwing away things that just don’t work. The move that Google recently made to rename G Suite to Google Workspace is another example of the company pivoting, and reorganizing its robust array of productivity tools to fit the metamorphosis of our virtual work environment.

The reality that more people are working from home long-term has not evaded Google’s perceptive grasp. The search giant recognized the need to fold all of its popular Google products into one unified space. This gives people, such as the roughly 1.8 billion Gmail users, an effortless way to work and collaborate virtually. In addition to pitching Google Workspace as “everything you need to get anything done, now in one place,” it has also visually rebranded some of the tools that people have come to know over the years, including the red envelope icon that represented Gmail. The effort is clearly meant to position Google Workspace as the productivity leader against competitors such as Microsoft Office. 

  • SOURCE: Google
  • BRAND: Google Workspace
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