Goose Island Puts All of Its Creme-Filled Eggs Into One Beer Can

Craft Breweries have become commonplace today, but in 1988 John Hall founded Goose Island before it was a trend. Goose Island Beer Company grew exponentially, eventually partnering with Anheuser-Busch in 2011 and expanding its footprint globally. While the beer company’s success probably can’t be tracked back to its limited edition releases, the ability to create small batches with high demand and selling out almost instantly can’t be all that bad for building a brand.

Take for instance the Golden Goo-Beer-Lee creme stout that the brewer released in partnership with Cadbury Creme Egg in celebration of the Easter candy’s 50th anniversary. The limited edition beer, which the brewery recommends pairing and sipping out of a Cadbury Creme Egg, sold out of its initial stock in one day (with a second chance to score what’s left a week later). Like Obi-Wan Kenobi once said at a sales convention on Tatooine, these are the kinds of results you’re looking for.

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  • SOURCE: Goose Island Beer Company
  • BRAND: Goose Island Beer Company / Cadbury Creme Egg