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If you have a passion for creating and think you’d like to be a part of something bigger, the Speaking Human network is the place for you.

Speaking Human is looking for content creators who align with our vision of simplifying the world for humans. If this sounds like you, fill out our member survey below so we can learn more about you.


Frequently Asked Questions

What type of content will Speaking Human accept?

We are looking for written content, podcasts and videos. The key is that any content you create and provide be simplified, so that most humans can understand it.

Will Speaking Human help me brand and produce my content?

Yes. Speaking Human will offer assistance to those who want to produce content, but don’t have the means necessary to do it themselves (within reason). Our goal is to create a happy, thriving community of humans who like to educate and provide their expertise to others.

Does Speaking Human own my content?

No. Speaking Human does not own your content if you decide to join the network. When selecting Speaking Human to publish your content, the content you provide can be branded by you. Keep in mind that it will also be married with the Speaking Human brand for marketing purposes. Because your content will inadvertently affect Speaking Human’s brand, your content will need to be checked regularly and adhere to our strict policies of quality human content. If at any time the content you provide does not meet the standards set forth by Speaking Human, it will be removed from the network.

In some cases, Speaking Human does commission work from writers, designers and content providers. In these cases, Speaking Human and MONSTERS Unlimited will own the rights to the material(s) and content it purchases. The rights of ownership will be outlined in the contract provided by Speaking Human at the time of commission.

What is responsible SEO?

Speaking Human practices responsible SEO, therefore we require all content that’s submitted from content members to reside only on Speaking Human and cannot be published on any third-party websites or blogs. We encourage content authors to link to and share the content submitted to Speaking Human on their own social media accounts.

Do I get credit for authoring content?

All contributors will be given attribution within the content, which includes a short bio with a link to a designated website or social page where people can learn more about them and their work.

Who is behind Speaking Human?

Speaking Human was started by MONSTERS Unlimited, a Creative Agency with a Business Brain. You can learn more about the history of Speaking Human here.

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