Kellogg’s Creates Touching Way for Schoolkids to Feel Love

Going to school for the first time can be daunting for some children. It’s often the first time kids are away from their parents and in a classroom full of strangers. A note from a parent or guardian at lunchtime can make a child’s day and give them the confidence they need to make it to dismissal. Kellogg’s is making it easier for parents and guardians to send these messages with their sensory Love Notes.

These notes are heart-shaped stickers meant to stick onto their Rice Krispie packaging, but they aren’t just any old stickers. The sensory Love Notes are geared toward children on the autism spectrum. These kids are often calmed by soft textures, and Kellogg’s collaborated with Autism Speaks to produce stickers made out of soft fabrics for that reason. This way, they can feel the love from their parents while at school.

Kellogg’s introduces SJ, an autistic child, to us in their commercial promoting the stickers. SJ and his family share their story and explain why it is important for SJ to feel the love from home on his first day of school. SJ’s mother says, “ These touch and feel stickers in his lunch pail will be a way for him to feel comfort and know that mama loves him.”

The snack company also collaborated with the National Federation for the Blind in 2018 to create Love Note stickers written in braille. Eme is introduced in this commercial, where her and her loved ones explain what the Love Notes mean to them. Kellogg’s ends the ad by saying, “Love is now more accessible.”

No matter if they are just beginning school or are a seasoned veteran, it is important for kids to feel love and support from home. Kellogg’s gives every child a channel to feel that love with their Love Notes.

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