Legion’s Season 2 Trailer Tries To Truly Mess With Your Mind

The new preview for Season 2 of the FX’s super crazy superhero show Legion is, to put it lightly, a giant mind game. Which should make the fans of the show very very happy. Why? Because the program has been praised for it’s rather unhinged ability to meld together it’s mega-trippy style, unapologetically insane scenes, and the story of a possibly deranged David Haller — who is discovering that he has mutant powers.

In this trailer, Aubrey Plaza’s character Lenny tells the viewer that everything that occurred in Season 1 was merely all in the audience’s own disturbed and delusional minds. She goes on to say:

“I need to remind you, what you think is real never occurred.
David Haller? He’s a figment, a reflection of what you could be.
His lover? Your repressed sexual appetite.
His friends? Surrogates of all the little broken parts of your psyche.”

Is her character lying? The only way you’ll know is by watching the next twisted Season.


  • SOURCE: SyFy Wire
  • TELEVISION SHOW: Legion (Season 2 Preview)
  • WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT: Aubrey Plaza at her best, playing mind games with the audience.

AUTHOR: Robert Kline
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