LiftMaster Wants to Make Your Garage Smarter

Is the new garage haunted!? Nope—it’s just the new LiftMaster Secure View in action. Starring Alan Ruck, the company and the Ferris Bueller veteran have teamed up to show off LiftMaster’s latest technology for the modern smart home. The Liftmaster View gives homeowners peace of mind knowing that their garage will be safe and secure with a mounted camera and the ability to use the controls from anywhere.

This is just the latest tech to hit the smart home market and will definitely be a winner with homeowners that are trying to make their home more secure. Connected devices such as these have gained popularity over the years due to their convenience. Who doesn’t want to have the ability to turn off the lights, lock the door, or close the garage door from anywhere. As we continue to create more and more innovative technology, one wonders what will be next for the smart home. Could a smart mailbox be in our future?

  • SOURCE: YouTube
  • BRAND: LiftMaster
  • WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: You love any brand that references Ferris Bueller.

AUTHOR: Brandon Cugini
ORIGIN: Speaking Human Contributor

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