McDonald’s In Sweden Brings Joy to Seniors With Happy Meals

The happy meal has been a staple of the Mcdonald’s franchise since the late 1970’s when it was first introduced. Happy meals have brought joy to every kid by giving them a delicious meal and even a new toy. However, the company’s franchises based in Sweden may bring a whole new meaning to these iconic meals.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, communities have been taking precautionary steps to keep each other safe, like social distancing. Seniors, who are high risk, have been unable to see their families during the social distancing period. However, Mcdonald’s Sweden wants to change that and bring families closer together. It all starts with their iconic happy meal.

Families who visit participating locations can send their loved one a senior happy meal. Instead of including toys in the happy meal, children can create their own piece of artwork to send to their grandparents. This effort does a great job of extending a little of the joy that happy meals provide children to a generation who have been socially isolated during the pandemic.

  • SOURCE: Newsweek
  • BRAND: McDonald’s
  • WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: Come on, how you not love this. Plus, McDonald’s slogan used to be “I’m lovin’ it!

AUTHOR: Brandon Cugini
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