Minecraft goes on… Blockdown During the Pandemic

Minecraft—it’s the game that made building blocks cool again (yeah—we consider LEGO the OG and inspiration for creating with blocks). And in case you were wondering—the global pandemic isn’t going to stop Minecraft from inspiring creativity.

The game’s recent Blockdown (zombie-themed) simulator experience was created by AKQA (creators Joseph Davies and Hugo Barne) to educate the youth of today on best practices for containing the spread of viruses.

The effort was launched to support #TomorrowTogether, an initiative of Heart17 – a unique global partnership aimed to raise awareness and engage youth to prevent, respond and recover. “At its core, Heart17 is about instilling hope and building solidarity through celebration of creativity. We work to bring partners together, from all sectors, to show that we can, as a global community, overcome this challenge, that we are in this together,” notes Anna Ryott of Heart17.

  • BRAND: Minecraft
  • WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: Because you love building with blocks, fighting zombies and containing the spread of viruses.

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