The New York Times Sees Big Bump in Digital Subscriptions

While the majority of this country’s newspapers (even the best ones) have struggled with the transition to digital, The New York Times may finally be figuring it out. MediaPost reports that in the first quarter of 2018, the renowned news source added 138,000 digital subscriptions—a 25.5% increase over the same quarter last year—giving The Times a total of nearly 3 million digital-only subscribers.

Driving The New York Times’ digital subscription growth has been some timely and effective marketing. Last year’s “The Truth Is Hard” campaign focused on the idea of “the truth” being harder than ever to find and understand while also being more important than ever to uncover. The campaign serves as a reminder that, with a 167-year history of quality journalism, The New York Times is a valuable and trustworthy news source—whether read on paper or on a digital screen.

  • SOURCE: MediaPost
  • BRANDS: The New York Times
  • WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT: Because quality news thriving is good news for all of us

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