Pizza Hut Delivers Pie Tops II for March Madness

In the sneaker world, when you have a hit you keep rolling with it. That’s how we get basketball shoes with names like the Nike LeBron 15 (the fifteenth version of LeBron James’s signature shoe). Following that same logic, Pizza Hut recently unveiled their Pie Tops II, a sequel to last year’s novelty March Madness marketing hit Pie Tops—a pair of sneakers with a button that could order a Pizza Hut pizza.

Being a sequel, the Pie Tops II of course have to up the game of their predecessor. That’s why this year’s version feature both a button to order a pizza and another button to pause live TV when your pizza arrives. They also come in two colors: red and wheat. So where can you get your Pie Tops II? That’s where things get a little murky. As Pizza Hut states at the very end of their press release announcing the Pie Tops II:

“Pie Tops are not generally available to the public and have limited functionality.”

  • SOURCE: Hutlife Blog
  • BRAND: Pizza Hut
  • WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT: Because it’s ordering pizza with your shoes

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