Pokémon GO Lightens Up the Summer and Brings Users Together

Since its inception in the summer of 2016, Pokémon GO has continued to be an engaging experience for its users and fans of the Pokémon universe. To celebrate this year’s summer of play, a 30 second ad, called “Look Closer”, was released showing the whimsical world that Pokémon GO has to offer. All you have to do is tear through the layer of reality!

Veronica Saron, who is the head Pokémon GO product marketing manager at Niantic, stated “With this commercial, we wanted to portray the joy of stepping around a corner to find a new Pokémon waiting to be caught, or walking in the park to take your favorite Pokémon into battle against a friend”. Saron continued to talk about the initial concept of the ad and how director Rian Johnson (Star Wars, Looper) brought his creative talent to its production and how it turned out “just perfect”.

This ad comes just in time for the app’s fourth anniversary and this year’s Pokémon GO fest. Every year, fans attend this highly anticipated event in communities across the globe. This year, due to recent global events, the festival will be held online. A whopping 600,000 fans have signed up to attend the event, which will take placeat the end of the month. With numbers like that, it looks like Pokémon GO is not going to STOP any time soon.

  • SOURCE: Muse by CLIO
  • BRAND: Pokémon
  • WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: You’re a little OCD and feel compelled to catch em all.