Bullet Point Review: Taking the Pulse of ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Comic-Con Trailer

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The teaser trailer for Season 7 of the wildly popular show The Walking Dead was shown for the first time during a panel at Comic Con International in San Diego on July 22.

Watch the trailer (if you dare) and then check out our notes, pros and cons, and overall rating below…



  • First half of the trailer is character roulette, showing us past snippets of each character to remind us who they are
  • Character shots are cut with close-up shots of a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire to remind us what we found out at the end of last season
  • We see a quote from Deadline that says “far and away the top-rated series on all of TV”. What does that mean exactly—that a lot of people watch it or a lot of critics like it? A little cryptic.
  • Another quote says the show “appeals to the head, and the heart and the adrenal gland”. This is a better call out. I imagine the writer who penned it sitting back and saying, “oh, that’s good”.
  • Second half of the trailer appears to be quick glimpses of the upcoming season
  • We see a lot of new characters
  • Quick pace of the trailer stops for an insert of a bubbly (possible drugged?) Carol saying, “I don’t know what the hell’s going on in the most wonderful way”. Is this trailer telling us how we should feel watching it?
  • Holy cow… King Ezekiel!
  • Holy cow… King Ezekiel has a tiger!
  • Where did he get a tiger? How did he train it to obediently sit next to him?
  • Really like the image of zombies rising from sand. That seems like something we haven’t seen before. Digging it.
  • Trailer ends on the return date for the series: 10/23/16


  • Does a good job of setting up the high stakes for the new season
  • Makes us think about the question: which character won’t make it?
  • Gives fans small nuggets of new information to chew on and stipulate about


  • Reminds us someone is set to get beat or die—not exactly “fun” stuff to be excited about
  • The show doesn’t come back until late October. That’s quite a long tease!
  • While there’s new stuff here, it also just feels a little bit like more of the same


  • Going into its seventh season, has The Walking Dead already peaked?

Overall Grade: B


Walking Dead Season 7 Teaser Trailer - Bullet Point Review