Santander Bank Pigs Out

Santander Bank really brings home the bacon with this new ad that stars one of the cutest living piggy banks we have ever seen. Lost and alone in an alley, this little lovable oinker adventures out into the scary city streets only to find itself accosted by a group of grabby youngsters. Sadness ensues as our little piggy friend falls and is shattered into a dozen porky pieces. But not to worry, a Santander banker is there to save the day.

The next few clips go into full cuteness overload as the banker puts him back together, bathes him, and they play together like they are old friends. But wait, there is even more cute to come as the happy pink fella is brought back to his home where his adoring family greets him with open arms (I swear…sniff…I’m not crying…sniff).

The last few lines of the commercial sum up perfectly what this adorable ad is trying to communicate, “We want you to prosper. That’s why we treat you and your money like you would. With respect. And respect ads up.”

  • SOURCE: AdWeek
  • AUTHOR: David Gianatasio
  • BRAND: Santander Bank

AUTHOR: Robert Kline
ORIGIN: Speaking Human Contributor

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