Do you love Taco Bell? Are you among the 1 billion+ users on TikTok? Then you might be the right audience for the fast food franchises’s partnership with the popular social media platform. Taco Bell announced that it’s releasing a new product, called the Triplelupa, which combines three mini chalupas into one. The ad campaign for the launch of the Triplelupa will be released on TikTok and use the platform’s vertical video format. This is the first time TikTok has partnered with a brand on a national advertising campaign.

Like all branded social media efforts, getting TikTok users involved is the next step. According to the press release, Taco Bell “is encouraging fans to jump in on the fun by participating in an upcoming Taco Bell hashtag challenge on TikTok and plans to announce more details about the challenge in the coming weeks.” Marketing efforts like this demonstrate how brands can interact with, and give customers the ability to be a part of the story as it unfolds.

  • SOURCE: Taco Bell
  • BRAND: Taco Bell
  • WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: Because you’ve always wanted to eat three chalupas at once while simultaneously dancing and performing on TikTok.