The Audi Brand Goes Back Into the Future

There are few things more exciting in this world than great branding and the forethought that goes into developing, or in this case redesigning, a brand with integrity and clarity of purpose.

Okay, maybe that’s just our skewed view of reality. But there’s no denying brands like Audi are exceptionally beautiful. It’s easy to forget how wonderful a well-designed brand makes you feel. That’s because it falls into the background and becomes something you almost don’t realize is affecting you and your emotional connection with it.

If all of this sounds too much, check out the most recent effort from German agency Strichpunkt, who developed Audi’s future-proof brand effort. Unlike most brand initiatives, Audi and Strichpunkt made the brand toolkit available to the public in the hopes that others would interact with and engage the brand. The updated flexibility and diversity of the brand allows for more room to move and evolve well into the future.

  • SOURCE: Audi
  • BRAND: Audi
  • WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT: You love branding and the future and not necessarily in that order.

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