Tough Typeface Questions About Spielberg’s ‘The Post’

Steven Spielberg’s new movie The Post is a true story about The Washington Post in the 1970s. Yet, strangely enough, the movie’s marketing does not use the newspaper’s instantly recognizable font as one would expect. 

The real-life logo for The Washington Post looks like this:

Washington Post Logo

As you can see from the image of The Post movie poster above, the font used in the marketing does not match real life. Instead it uses Helvetica, a popular font used by a lot of brands—but one that definitely differs from the historical and stately Washington Post font. Why make that choice?

In a Ringer article Jay Shaw, senior creative director at Mondo, says, “If I had to guess, the font was chosen to strip away decoration in favor of clear communication.

  • SOURCE: The Ringer
  • Brand: The Post
  • WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT: Sometimes an unexpected typeface actually delivers some deeper meaning