Toys ‘R Us Launches New Brand Campaign

Did you know Toys ‘R Us recently filed for bankruptcy? Hard to believe, but the wildly popular toy store chain (whose infectious 1980s commercial jingle made it to the final matchup of our “Best Brand Jingles” bracket back in March) has fallen on hard times. On the heels of the bankruptcy announcement also comes the announcement of a new Toys ‘R Us “brand philosophy” and messaging.

The focus of the new “Today We Play” brand campaign? With increasingly busy schedules filled with practices and other structured activities, children are losing valuable play time and something must be done. Enter Toys ‘R Us, which along with being “the world’s greatest toy store” has also declared “we are champions of play”. A new Toys ‘R Us commercial echoes this message, showing a group of kids rallying to bring playtime back.

Will this new focus help restore Toys ‘R Us to its former financial glory?

  • SOURCE: Toys ‘R Us Blog
  • AUTHOR: Jessica Offerjost
  • BRAND: Toys ‘R Us

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