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At MONSTERS, we not only help you position your business on the Web—we help you market it. Staking out your brand’s territory online is only the first step. The next step is drawing people to your site. That’s where we come in. Our Internet Marketing services can help you drive traffic to your site and make your business roar.

We offer a number of different solutions under the Internet Marketing umbrella that we can mix and match to meet your business needs. These solutions include: email marketing (conceiving, designing and implementing campaigns), content marketing, and promotions. These tools can help optimize your site for search engines and enhance your online presence.


Using the tools wisely will help you strengthen your brand.


Percentage of internet usage in the United States that was conducted via a mobile device


Percentage of American adults who have smartphones


Percentage of American adults who have tablets


Percentage of adult cell owners that use their phones to go online

Email Marketing Best Practices Whitepaper

Building an Email Marketing Strategy

Email has redefined the way we do business, how we communicate, and our overall expectations when dealing with project timeliness. This, in turn, has created a wave of opportunity for businesses and organizations to benefit from the reduced costs and instant tracking capabilities of email marketing. But to start an email marketing campaign, you must first create a strategy to get the most from your efforts. Like any well designed strategy, the processes you set in place will determine the overall effectiveness you see from your investment.

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Our Email Marketing Solutions


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Email Marketing Statistics:

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