It all started with a podcast… 

Speaking Human began its life as the official podcast of MONSTERS Unlimited, a creative agency with a business brain. We wanted to share our passionate/funny/strange conversations about the marketing world. So we started podcasting.

Our goal with the podcast was simple: Cut out the jargon and mumbo jumbo to focus on how marketing can bring brands and people together. We wanted to tap into the human side of marketing—to shine a spotlight on all the amazing thought, creativity, technology, insight, humor, and joy that goes into creating and consuming marketing.

While our mission hasn’t changed, Speaking Human has. Over the years, Speaking Human has evolved and transformed into something much bigger. We still have our original podcast—but we’ve extended the Speaking Human universe to include other podcasts, articles, and videos with similarly unique perspectives.

And the Speaking Human universe keeps expanding. We’re simplifying the marketing world right now, but we want to simplify other worlds as well—from art to science to technology and beyond. By finding fresh voices and building our family of content contributors and sponsors/advertisers, we hope to continually explore new worlds.

Thanks for joining us on this journey into the unknown, humans. Check out the Speaking Human network and let us know what you think. We’d love to hear your human feedback.

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