6 Best Pre-Game Ads of Super Bowl 50

The week leading up to the Super Bowl has become almost as important to advertisers as the big game itself. Brands that drop $4.5 million for a 30-second spot are looking to get more from their investment by building buzz online ahead of game day.

Along with the trend of early-release Super Bowl commercials—which we’ve been seeing for years now—this year also saw the rising trend of creating teaser ads to promote ads to be aired during the Super Bowl.

On a recent episode of our podcast Speaking Human, we shared our annual list of favorite ads from the Super Bowl. Unlike last year’s list, we called an audible this year and decided to focus only on ads or teasers released online prior to the big game.


Here are our picks for the top early-release ads of Super Bowl 50…

#6 – Honda “A New Truck to Love”

Sheep singing Queen to show the greatness of the Honda Ridgeline’s truck-bed audio system. Why do we like this? We’re not really sure. Sometimes Super Bowl advertising works in mysterious ways.

#5 – Doritos “Ultrasound”

The comedy builds throughout the spot and it ends on a perfect cutaway. While you’re laughing, the Doritos are always there. So you never forget the product.

#4 – Shock Top “Unfiltered Talk” with T.J. Miller

A “that guy” actor and beer tap exchange comic digs. Those unfamiliar with the Shock Top logo will probably remember it after this one.

#3 – MINI Clubman “Defy Labels”

Takes preconceptions of MINI cars (“chick car”, “single young professionals car”) and explodes them. It’s a nice pushback against what we see from the other car ads during the Super Bowl. It stands out.

#2 – Kia Optima “Walken Closet”

Imagine walking into your closet and finding Christopher Walken. Now imagine he shows you a car that is the equivalent of “the most exciting pair of socks”. The best use of a celebrity in a Super Bowl ad this year.

#1 – Avocados From Mexico “Avocados in Space”

It drops us into a weird, colorful world. Tells a story. Includes some great, low-key gags (“the dress”, Scott Baio). Delivers the product and a clear message (avocados always in season!). And does it all seamlessly.