A Segue to An End of the Segway

The Segway PT (Personal Transporter) was the self-balancing “scooter” that paved the way for many similar transportation options available today.

After selling only approximately 140,000 units in the almost twenty years since its introduction, the company Ninebot decided to end it. They’ve announced an end to scooter’s production via their New Hampshire plant.

There are always reasons to end a product or service offering. Unfortunately, one reason that most products fail is not because they’re too good. According to the president of Segway (Judy Cai), the Segway PT was engineered with redundant systems which kept old scooters on the road too long and made it hard to sell new ones.

  • SOURCE: Fast Company
  • BRAND: Segway
  • TAKEAWAY: Witnessing the end of a pioneering product