A Sneak Peek at Behind-the-Scenes Marketing

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​Imagine living in a world where you could see anything you want be made from start to finish, or where you had access to see how the world around you has become what it is today at any moment, or even, be in two places at once. There is something quite special about something called “behind-the-scenes” that can actually make all of these dreams become reality. The term “behind-the-scenes” refers to the events taking place behind the scenery or backstage, usually in reference to theater and film. Behind-the-scenes is a type of content that provides a glimpse for the audience into the inner workings of a production and it’s something that’s revealing and intimate. Now although most individuals associate behind-the-scenes with movies, it isn’t limited to only allowing directors to be transparent with cinephiles. It’s also a great method of allowing companies to be transparent with consumers, especially in the realm of social media.

The first known social media site was created in 1997 and enabled individuals to connect with a larger community in a way that wasn’t able to be done previously. This principle, that social media was founded on, has stood the test of time and is still the ultimate driving factor of what it’s used for by its users. The idea of behind-the-scenes content goes hand-in-hand with exactly what social media was created for, it allows companies to tap into their community of current and potential consumers by giving them a peek into what their companies are truly like.

Personality Matters

When consumers are investing themselves into a company, they aren’t only investing themselves into the product or service, they’re also investing in the people behind the company, even if they don’t know it at first. Consumers, now more than ever, associate themselves with brands they feel a connection with and companies are able to build this connection further by using behind-the-scenes content on social media to humanize their image. This also allows companies to stray away from the money-making corporate image that consumers loathe today.

Raga Man, an Indian-inspired clothing brand recently took to Instagram to share a video that utilizes behind-the-scenes content to build trust with their consumers. The video depicts the founder’s father, Krishan Chaudry, who is the inspiration behind the start of brand. He’s shown in the company’s warehouse, surrounded by boxes as he talks about their new collection of shirts. He speaks on behalf of the uniqueness of the shirts due to the highly twisted yarn, and the happiness it will bring to anyone who wears the shirts. This video creates a connection that is genuinely personal to the point where it feels like Krishan is having a one-on-one conversation with the consumer. Building this type of rapport can open up the doors for a long-lasting relationship.

Building Trust

Behind-the-scenes content through social media can also allow companies to establish a level of trust with their consumers that other marketing techniques cannot. When a company builds a relationship of trust with their consumers, they’re more susceptible to listen and believe what the company has to say. One particular segment of companies that uses behind-the-scenes to build trust more than any other are those in the food industry. Now more than ever, consumers are taking an interest in where the ingredients of the food they’re consuming truly comes from.

Back in February, Chipotle utilized Instagram TV to present their consumers with a video titled “Farm to Foil.” This video visualized the farming process of their ingredients for consumers while also including testimonials from the CEO, farmers, and even workers from multiple Chipotle locations nationwide. This content is not only authentic, but is also educational and shows consumers that Chipotle can be trusted to have the best quality ingredients.

The Future of Behind-the-Scenes Marketing

Nobody truly knows what the future may hold, however, I have an idea that behind-the-scenes marketing will soon start emerging in the Virtual Reality industry as it continues to rise in popularity. A great example of a company that’s utilized this technological advancement is All Nippon Airways with their ‘The Room’ VR Tour. They’ve used virtual reality as a means of indulging individuals in the experience of being in their exclusive business cabin.

As the relationship between social media and its users continues to create stronger connections, the relationship between companies and their consumers strengthens as well. The key is that companies have to constantly come up with innovative ways to interact with their consumers. Today’s trend in marketing is the use of video to help promote interaction with their consumers. One of the most innovative ways to do this, is through the use of behind-the-scene content to create an intimate relationship that every consumer wants to have.

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AUTHOR: Gavin Wilson
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