AMC Pulls Back the Curtain on Its Movie Theater Subscription Service

While the buzz over the past year has been all about MoviePass and their so-cheap-how-could-they-possibly-make-money-on-that subscription service, speculation in the movie theater industry was that AMC—the nation’s largest movie theater chain—had their own subscription service in the works. Sure enough, on June 20 AMC officially announced their new service: the unfortunately named Stubs A-List program.

Members of the program pay $19.95 a month plus tax and can go see up to three movies per week at any AMC theater nationwide (12 movies per month). Unlike MoviePass, Stubs A-List members can go see movies in any format—including IMAX, Dolby Cinema, and RealD 3D. Members can also reserve advance tickets for movie screenings, another benefit you can’t get from MoviePass.

While Stubs A-List currently costs twice as much per month as MoviePass, the added benefits above, reliability of the AMC brand, and continually weird things going on with the MoviePass business might make the Stubs program a good option for moviegoers and a boon for the AMC chain. *But if they really want the program to become a smash success, they definitely might want to consider changing the name.

  • SOURCE: AMC Newsroom
  • BRANDS: AMC, Stubs A-List
  • WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT: Because you love going to the movies

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