Audi Presents Viewers an Upgraded Version of Santa

In life, change is hard—but always possible. Take Santa. For centuries, the magical gift-giver has been presented in the same light: Long white hair and beard, bulging waistline, out-of-date style and wardrobe. But what if one night Santa caught a glimpse of his reflection and decided it was time to make a change? That’s the premise behind Audi’s recent marketing effort.

Audi began teasing the debut of their “New Santa” on Twitter with this short clip showing Santa in the gym—doing sit-ups, jumping rope, and boxing—and this GIF of white hair falling down around black boots. Later, they posted the full video on YouTube, explaining the reason for Santa’s transformation and the result of the big changes Kris Kringle decided to make (with a little help from Mrs. Claus and the elves). Of course, Santa’s transformation wouldn’t be complete without an upgraded ride to fit his new look.

While Audi’s recreation of Santa Claus in its own brand image may seem a bit audacious, it also serves as a reminder that change is both always possible and somewhat inevitable. Even Santa can’t be expected to be content chomping down cookies and riding around in a busted-up sleigh forever.

  • SOURCE: Audi’s Youtube channel
  • BRANDS: audi, santa
  • WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT: because you’ve been worried about santa’s health & wellness for a while but didn’t want to say anything