The 10 Most Useful New Unicode Emojis

*Image via Emojipedia

Big news for all you emoji users, over-users and blatant abusers out there: You’ll soon be getting a new collection of tools to work with. Unicode 9, set to be released on June 21, will include a whopping 72 new emojis—ranging from faces and foods to animals and activities.

These new emojis won’t start popping up on your devices until Apple, Google and Microsoft make updates available (which could take a little bit). In the meantime, check out our 10 favorite new emojis so you can start planning for the perfect moments to unleash them on your friends and loved ones.

Best New Emojis Coming Soon to a Device Near You

These may not be the emojis we need or want, but they are the emojis we deserve…


10. Face Palm

When someone glued your hand to your face and you need help.

Face Palm Emoji

9. Drooling Face

When you’ve been forcibly committed to a mental institution and drugged, but have just enough presence of mind to sneak over to a phone and text a friend to come break you out.

Drooling Face Emoji

8. Shallow Pan of Food

When a deep pan just won’t do.

Shallow Pan of Food Emoji

7. Pregnant Woman

When you want to tell someone they got you pregnant via text.

Pregnant Woman Emoji

6. Lying Face

When a friend tells you they’re busy as you watch them sitting on the couch from outside their window.

Lying Face Emoji

5. Bat


Bat Emoji

4. Wilted Flower

When you feel sad and wounded, like the world just won’t let you blossom.

Wilted Flower Emoji

3. Avocado

When a friend’s feeling sad and wounded and you want to cheer them up—Avocado!!!!!

Avocado Emoji

2. Handball

When you want to reference a game no one ever plays.

Handball Emoji

1. Selfie

When you want to tell someone you’re taking a selfie even though you couldn’t possible be taking a selfie and texting at the same time.

Selfie Emoji


See all 72 new emojis in this video from Emojipedia…