Beyond Type 1 Uses the Internet to Reach Further

How do you live beyond the diagnosis of a potentially life-threatening condition? Beyond Type 1 asks their followers this every day. Beyond Type 1 is a nonprofit based out of California focused on the education, advocacy, and path to a cure for Type 1 Diabetes.

Having a support system is important for anyone with a chronic illness. Beyond Type 1 is working to unite the global diabetic community. One significant way they’re doing that is through social media. They currently have 69k followers on Instagram, 17k followers on Twitter, and over 1M likes on Facebook. They are constantly providing inspiration, education and support for all of their followers through their posts.

Co-founder Nick Jonas (yep, that Nick Jonas) explains, “I think traditionally the internet has been used as an educational tool for many diseases and things of that nature, but in regards to Type 1 diabetes (T1D), this is the first time social media has really been a defining factor in the outreach and the presence of a nonprofit.” The internet is one of the best mediums for nonprofits to educate people on their specific cause, and Beyond Type 1 is using it to its greatest potential.

Their website is filled with important resources, articles, and news on diabetes, but it doesn’t feel like your typical nonprofit site. They make learning about diabetes engaging with inviting fonts, colors, and content. On their about page, you can find a video featuring eight-year-old diabetic Henry. The video shows Henry talking about his diabetes while a familiar voice narrates. It’s a quirky, emotional, and informative ad that creates a connection with the viewer.

Nonprofits like Beyond Type 1 are paving the way for similar organizations in the online marketing world. They provide a sense of community through their raw storytelling and user-generated content. By going beyond what’s traditionally done in the nonprofit space, they’re helping more people live beyond their diagnosis.

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AUTHOR: Meghan Mormino
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