Brand Showdown: Which Holiday Ad Jingles Your Bells?

If you’re a fan of creative advertising, the arrival of the holiday season is like waking up to find a bottomless pile of brilliantly wrapped presents under the tree. From high-profile spots featuring big-name celebrities to small surprises that paddle your emotions like a ping-pong ball, there’s a lot to unpack. While it may be cold outside, big brands definitely feel the heat to deliver stand-out ads that make an impression.

Below we have three holiday ads from three major brands—Apple, Microsoft, and LEGO. Each ad attempts to do something a little different. Apple creates a uniquely animated story about sharing your gifts with others. Microsoft tells the heartwarming tale about how Xbox technology allows everyone to play. And LEGO aims to remind parents how its toys can unlock a child’s imagination in amazing ways.

Watch all three ads and then vote for your favorite…

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