The Perfect Branding of Squid Game

Few things take the world by storm quite like Squid Game did. It is a violent, grim series about the struggle to escape poverty and the lengths some will go to in order to succeed. It was not the type of show that you would conventionally expect to become the next big hit. That begs the question, how did they do it? How did Squid Game become Netflix’s most viewed series in under a month, and how has it continued to find success?


Squid Game benefits from a sharp and unique design. From the memorable guard masks, to green jumpsuits, and the terrifying ‘Red Light Green Light’ doll, every aspect of the show is iconic. These simple, but striking visuals can be replicated and provide fans with opportunity to rep their new favorite show. Don’t be surprised when your Halloween party is flooded with red hoods and triangle masks.

The In-Group

Shows that end each episode with a jaw-dropping cliffhanger or mind-blowing twist are guaranteed to spark discussion. The primary method that Squid Game received its marketing was by word-of-mouth. Every twist and turn caused audience members to feel a desperate need to discuss the show. Therefore, fans would flock to their friends and beg them to go watch so that they could talk about it. This led to online chatter and memes about key moments from the show. Now people felt the need to be a part of this growing community so that they too could know the inside jokes. The shocking twists and memorable characters allowed the audience to turn into the marketing team.

Ride the Wave

Netflix has wisely noticed the incredible success of their newest series, and took measures to capitalize on the attention. The streaming service recently partnered with Walmart to sell merchandise based on Squid Game, as well as other popular programs. Announcing this partnership a few weeks after another Netflix show broke the internet is hardly a coincidence. Fans are clamoring for merchandise based on the memorable show, and now Walmart is ready to deliver.

If there is anything to learn from Squid Game, it is the age-old adage “Content is King”. Creative and simple designs paired with relevant themes and memorable characters can carry a series to fame. Now it falls to marketers to best utilize the lightning in a bottle that is this show. With the show almost guaranteed to receive a second season, we cannot wait to see how the next iteration flips the world on its head.

AUTHOR: Zach Dunphy
ORIGIN: University Program - Speaking Human Contributor

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