Brands Should Be Seen AND Heard

Have you thought about creating a jingle for your brand?

If you have the brand visuals handled, think about how to engage your customers through sound. A jingle can go a long way. And while it might seem old school to create a jingle, think about this…

How many times have you watched (or listened to) a commercial for a national brand and found yourself humming the tune later, wondering where and when you heard it?

And don’t think that jingles are confined to brand new sounds. Sure, creating a new jingle can be much more economical. But many companies choose to reap the rewards of an already popular song. This can require a bigger budget, but with the right marketing campaign, has the potential to set you apart from the competition and ingrain your message in the minds of your customers for years to come.

Just take these few examples below… jingles that have helped increase sales and defined well known brands.