Child’s Play Roasts Toy Story on Social Media

Remakes and sequels of successful movies have been coming out in hoards. In Summer 2019 there will be a new Aladdin, The Lion King, Toy Story, and, of course, Child’s Play. Child’s Play originally crawled into theaters in 1988. The slasher, thriller revolves around a doll named Chucky, who comes to life and wreaks havoc all over town. It’s just like Toy Story… with a lot more blood.

Oddly enough, Toy Story 4 and the Child’s Play remake are both coming out on June 21. The marketing team for Child’s Play took this opportunity to capitalize on the similar themes between the two movies. They created posters merging the two films together and posted them to the official Child’s Play Instagram and Twitter accounts. You can imagine the Toy Story characters didn’t make it out too well.

The posters look like something Sid, the tortured child antagonist from Toy Story, would make in art class. First, they posted one with Toy Story’s beloved cowboy and main character, Woody. Woody’s plush arm and iconic hat are mangled on the floor with blood streaks surrounding him as Chucky’s bloody shoe is walking away from the scene. The caption reads, “There’s a new sheriff in town. Meet your new best friend on June 21. #ChildsPlayMovie.” Guess he doesn’t have to worry about that snake in his boot any more.

Childs Play Marketing

The second poster features Woody’s wiener dog sidekick, Slinky. In it, we see the hand of Chucky cooking Slinky over a campfire. The dog is headless and impaled with a skewer. The caption reads, “On June 21, find out what’s really cooking.” Child’s Play took the term “hot dog” at face value and literally roasted Toy Story.

Even if you have no interest in seeing either of these movies, you can appreciate this marketing effort. The marketing team did a brilliant job of connecting two totally different genres in an attempt to gain a bigger audience. Let’s just hope if toys ever do come to life, they’ll be more like the Toy Story characters and less like Chucky.

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  • WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT: Because your parents accidentally rented “Child’s Play” for you as a kid & you’ve been scarred ever since

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