Creating an Emotional Connection

We consume information from various sources throughout the day. I tend to read everything from technology reports to marketing research articles. This excerpt really hit home and I forwarded it on to my colleagues. Let me know your thoughts…

We spend hours online, theoretically researching a purchase, but in many cases, we’re pre-rewarding ourselves through envisioning the acquisition of the reward. We use vehicle configurators and agonize over option packages and interior color schemes. We do endless virtual walk-throughs of homes. And we plan our dream vacation in minute detail, balancing recommendations from TripAdvisor and other sites against the limits of our budget and itinerary. Fantasizing begins online, and we have to allow for this in our marketing strategy.

When your product falls into this category, you want to support the fantasy as much as possible, utilizing digital media that encourages an emotional connection. Video and interactivity are a key part of the mix. We reach out on social media sites not just to manage risk by getting the opinions of others, but also to live vicariously through capturing the experiences of those who have bought before us.


Excerpt from High Risk & High Reward: Fully Engaged Buying by Gord Hotchkiss , Thursday, January 13, 2011