Gods, Dogs and Super Villains: Electric Vehicles Swarm the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is the perfect platform for brands to push new products and breakthrough technology, so it’s no surprise that electric cars and trucks were found throughout the game. These brands are here to let us know; the future is now. Whether the ad is heartwarming or humorous, here are 3 examples of automobile brands giving it their all.

Zeus & Hera

The first ad on our list comes from BMW, promoting their new BMW iX. We are introduced to the Greek gods, Zeus and Hera, as they announce their retirement. Unfortunately, retirement turns out to be underwhelming for Zeus. That is, until Hera gifts him with a brand new electric car. They drive off into the sunset singing along to “Electric Avenue” by Eddy Grant.

This spot takes advantage of the star power of Arnold Shwarzenegger and Salma Hayek as the retired gods. It also leverages a healthy amount of humor, as the almighty Zeus struggles with everyday activities. With a cute & simple message, BMW makes a splash at the Super Bowl.

Dr. EV-il

GM’s ad promoting the Ultium line of electric vehicles centers around an unexpected reboot; Austin Powers. GM seems to have fallen to a hostile takeover courtesy of Dr. Evil and his cronies. The sinister council learns they are only the second greatest evil in the world, with the first being climate change. The group decides to save the world by driving eco-friendly electric cars, and THEN they’ll conquer the earth.

GM has an affinity for rebooting slumbering IP’s. The brand revitalized “Edward Scissorhands” in 2021. This year, the villains of “Austin Powers” focus on the moral reasons to purchase an electric car. The ad is jam-packed with jokes and references to the original series. What’s even better? We learn that even villains care about the Earth!

Robo Dog

Our final electric car ad comes courtesy of Kia and their All-Electric Kia EV6. This spot aims to tug on the audience’s heartstrings and tap into the universal love of dogs, electric or otherwise. The protagonist is a lonely robot dog who desperately seeks out an owner to love it. The only viable candidate is a man who is charging his electric car. The Robo Dog runs through crowds and leaps across buildings until it tragically runs out of battery. The ad ends with the kind man charging up his pup and the two riding away together in the electric vehicle.

Kia’s bid to win the electric car battle takes a different approach than many of its competitors. There are no big-name celebrities or well-known IP’s. It is a simple story about a dog seeking companionship. This sincere simplicity allows Kia to connect with the millions of dog owners and dog lovers throughout the world.

There are three of the best electric car ads from the 2022 Super Bowl! Let us know below which of the ads make you contemplate traveling down Electric Avenue!

  • SOURCE: People, CNBC, Fox Business
  • BRAND: BMW, GM, Kia, Super Bowl, Austin Powers

AUTHOR: Zach Dunphy
ORIGIN: Speaking Human Contributor

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