Go Ahead and Lend Your Movies to Friends and Family

If there’s something missing from this mid-pandemic life, it’s the ability to share our movie going experiences with our friends and family. Theaters are reopening, but it’s too early for most people to feel comfortable sitting in close proximity to strangers for two or more hours.

But now you can stop worrying about the choice between public safety and your undying love for movies. That’s right—the Movies Anywhere service has released a feature called Screen Pass, that allows users to share movies in their digital library with others for free. You heard that correctly—it’s free! Even though this type of feature isn’t groundbreaking, it does signal a shift in how companies, studios and people are becoming more comfortable with sharing a digital entertainment experience.

Please Note: We thought it was important to mention that while the ability to share movies is free, and according to Movies Anywhere, “to participate in Screen Pass and remain eligible, you will just need to purchase a Movies Anywhere-eligible movie or redeem a digital code every 6 months. When you send a Screen Pass, it must be accepted within 7 days. Once accepted the recipient will have 14 days to start watching the movie and 72 hours to finish it once it has been started.” 

  • SOURCE: Tech Crunch
  • BRAND: Movies Anywhere
  • WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: Because you want to have more shared experiences, including movies!