Greenpeace Speaks for Orangutans in Award-Winning Ad

Imagine sitting in your home when suddenly a bulldozer comes through and destroys it, along with your family and entire neighborhood. Believe it or not—this is happening to Orangutans. Palm oil deforestation has killed over 50,000 of the extant species of great apes. With this in mind, Greenpeace teamed up with Passion Animation Studios and Mother London to create the Gold Clio Award-winning ad, ‘Rang-tan.’ This beautifully animated short features a little girl and a young Orangutan. It describes deforestation through a poem written with childlike innocence and belief that, “if it was happening to our homes, things would be different.” 

  • SOURCE: Orangutan Trekking Tours
  • BRANDS: Greenpeace, Orangutans
  • WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT: You won’t. Orangutans are dying so people can get palm oil. 

AUTHOR: Meghan Mormino
ORIGIN: Speaking Human Contributor

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