How Often Should You Update Your Website?

When it comes to business websites, one of the most common questions we get from our clients is: How often should I update my website?

Our Recommendation: Every 3-5 Years

Typically, after about three years a website will start showing signs of age. New design styles will become popular and how people view websites may also change.

For example, five years ago how a website appeared on mobile devices simply wasn’t as important as it is today. And 10 years ago, the Web was much more content-heavy and much less visual than it is today.

Conduct Regular Updates to Extend the Life of Your Site

If you want to push to the high end of the 3-5 year range range, schedule an annual or biannual maintenance review of your site.

At regular intervals, go through all the pages, content, images, links, etc., on your site to ensure everything is in good working order. During these reviews, you can make tweaks like updating your content to reflect a new service, adding new customer testimonials, or swapping out images to freshen the look of certain pages.

Consider this the equivalent of preventative maintenance for your home. A little bit of work each year can prevent a lot of work down the line. Doing this will help keep your website looking younger, longer, and ideally help you squeeze a couple extra productive years from your Web design.

Plan to Undertake a Full Redesign Every Five Years

Pencil it in on the calendar and make sure you have the budget allocated for complete website redesign at least twice a decade.

After five years, most websites will look pretty outdated. Take a look at a site that’s more than five years old today and it’s like stepping into a time machine to a different era of the Internet. Your business definitely doesn’t want to look like it is behind the times.

The reality is, things change quickly on the Internet. And each iteration of your website only has a limited shelf life. Expecting a static website to remain relevant and effective for a decade or more is simply not realistic.

Make Sure Your Website “Looks” Like Your Business

Your website needs to be constantly evolving to effectively represent your brand, your business, and your services.

Those things will most likely change over time. And your website should change too. As much as possible, you want your website to reflect your business as it exists in the here and now.

Remember, for many people, your website is the face of your company. You want it to inspire trust, create a positive perception, and compel people to take action.