Human Opinions: Challenge Accepted by Hot Wheels

Watch the ad above!

Why is it that we gravitate towards the car chases and the action sequences in movies? Is it because we have this innate sense of adventure or are we just looking for our adrenaline fix? The first time we came across the Challenge Accepted ad by Hot Wheels, we had that same testosterone-boosting response. It was like Hot Wheels created a short car chase movie in a 1-minute commercial spot.

You could argue that the best part about this ad is that Hot Wheels uses a timeless storytelling technique that delivers a strategic reveal at a critical moment in the video. Just when you think the mom and son seem to be on a real life adventure in a vintage muscle car, they hit you with reality. Of course they’re playing with a Hot Wheels car set – duh! When you do realize that they’ve been imagining the whole thing while playing in the safety of their home, it adds a level of complexity that subconsciously mesmerizes you. And so we’re positive the imagination component of the story is what makes this ad memorable.

But that’s just the beginning. What you may have missed while you were dodging barrels like a stunt car driver is that the boy’s mom is giving him life lessons throughout this challenging, albeit imaginary obstacle course. It has this whole other level and takes you on a literal ride through a learning-by-playing process. It’s genius!

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