Human Opinions: HP Cyber Security Starring Christian Slater

Watch the ad above!

We’ll start by acknowledging that this spot from HP is longer than most ads. Clocking in at six minutes, The Wolf is a short film that demonstrates how a nefarious intruder can exploit holes in your company’s cyber security, starting with your printers.

Narration is performed by veteran movie and television actor, Christian Slater. We’re not sure if it’s a coincidence that he was cast in this spot, given his role in the popular Mr. Robot television series on USA, which revolves around cyber security and digital warfare. Regardless, his presence in this short film gives it the weight it deserves.

We’ve discussed the move towards this style of advertising in the past and this is a prime example of how brands are using a longer, entertainment-focused format to deliver a stronger brand message.

But rest assured, HP didn’t stop here. They have a slew of ads featuring The Wolf, with the intention of exposing weaknesses in corporate cyber security. And from there, they started a spin off series starring Jonathan Banks as The Fixer, with the sole purpose of fixing the holes that The Wolf has exposed.

While this might seem like an elaborate campaign without end, one thing is certain, HP is delivering a very focused message to their customer base.

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