Human Opinions: eBay’s Colorful New Campaign

Watch the ad above! One of the original e-commerce websites has recently embarked on a refreshed marketing campaign that aims to reinvigorate the brand’s somewhat stale persona. That’s right, we’re talking about eBay.

The “online garage sale” storefront is confronting Amazon head-on with the new ad series, which is exactly what they need. This ad made us stop and reflect on our perceptions of the fossilized relic of the web. Were we surprised—yes!

Our overall takeaway from this specific ad is that we like the personality it gives the e-commerce giant. It’s doing what all good marketing should do—make us feel the emotional impact that buying a product will have on our lives. It’s a piece that’s often missing from advertising and eBay’s new campaign brings it home.

With the help of their Lead Global Creative Agency 72andSunny, eBay has won the first round of this heavyweight champion matchup against current title champion: Amazon. What did you think of this eBay ad? Have an opinion? Tell us what you think by voting for or against it below.