Human Opinions: Sheraton Hotels

Watch the ad above!

An unexpected surprise hit us when we were served with this streaming internet ad from Sheraton Hotels. The first time it showed up, we missed the beginning and therefore the punchline of the ad. But if you watch the entire ad, which comes in under 30 seconds, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at its sheer genius.

The ad starts with a closeup of a man in a suit, swimming somewhat frantically underwater. He appears to be struggling, finally grabbing an object below the surface with a halo of light breaking through the water. He climbs out of what we now realize is a pool, with a drenched stuffed animal in his hand. He gives it to a little girl who is seemingly happy to have regained her precious toy. When the man begins to walk away, the girl throws it back into the water and smiles mischievously.

For anyone who has kids or has any knowledge of kids, this ad is for you. It is a perfect representation of the timeless game children have played with adults – pick up my [insert object here]. The humor is subtle, but relatable. It also requires an adoration of the innocence of children and what we, as adults, are willing to do for a child who is in distress. And that’s the genius in this ad. Sheraton is basically calling attention to the fact that they will go above and “beyond” your expectations. It’s a very clever way of getting the point across and delivering a bit of humor at the same time.

There’s only one small gripe we could find in regards to this ad – it definitely presents Sheraton Hotel pools as ominous and slightly threatening. Seriously, who wants to go swimming in that dark, Friday the 13th looking pool?

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