Human Opinions: Walmart’s Superheroes

Watch the ad above!

Each year you can find a variety of commercials that pump the promotional toys accompanying a superhero movie. Walmart is no stranger to that world. They’ve had many advertising spots devoted to the comic book universe.

And as any worldwide phenomenon can attest, back-to-school time is the perfect opportunity for retailers to capitalize on the hopes and dreams of every school age child. Enter Walmart’s “Own the School Year Like a Hero” ad. It follows three of the most popular superheroes – Batman – Wonder Woman – Superman – as they appear to be headed somewhere, namely an educational institution.

Once the heroes get to the school, an intelligent transition reveals that they’re actually just kids dressed in their favorite character’s apparel and adorning their branded school gear.

The best part about this commercial? No. Not the dearly beloved Whitesnake song “Here I Go Again” from 1982. That’s a no brainer. We love that they’ve cleverly cropped each character so that they never really have to show the movie actors’ faces. What a great way to keep your marketing budget within reason.

What did you think of this Walmart ad?

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