Human Opinions: Don’t Smell with Old Spice

Watch the ad above!

Timing is everything. And that’s true in this ad from Old Spice. Another in a long line of humorous commercials from one of “original century brands” – Old Spice continues to make us laugh.

You may find it strange that there is a man taking a shower in the middle of the desert. But that’s only the beginning of a very not-so-subtle joke that abruptly punches you in the face. As the voiceover is narrating about his questionable choice to use his only water to take a shower, the commercial cuts to a scene of a skeleton in the sand. The iconic Old Spice “whistling jingle” plays, and we’re left with a punchline that feels so right. We could have gone with a million other Old Spice commercials, but this one’s timing is superior.

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