Human Opinions: Sprite’s Do You Wanna Sprite?

Watch the ad above!

Featured in both, our podcast episode of the Best LeBron James commercials of all time and our list of the 8 Greatest LeBron James Commercials, this Sprite ad capitalizes on the charisma of the afformentioned NBA star.

This 2017 Sprite commercial has LeBron telling us he’s NOT going to tell us to drink Sprite. LeBron defies the sponsor in a whimsically planned way that underlines the idea of a LeBron as a leader, not a follower. The commercial also has a meta element (we see behind the camera) that points out the artificiality of athlete product pitches. Of course, we’re not going to tell you to like this ad, we’re going to ask you…

What did you think of this Sprite ad?

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