Human Opinions: Opportunity at Monster

Watch the ad above!

There’s no doubt that we love giant furry monsters. This is especially true when they look like a colossal purple version of Gossamer from the Looney Tunes cartoons. He might seem scary at first, simply because of his immense size and illuminated eyes, but rest assured, he’s here to help you.

Is this a good direction for Monster? We think so. The monster they’ve created is a far cry from the cartoonish version they had been using for years. This monster conveys emotion much better than the illustrated one ever could. And while he (or she) strikes fear into the masses running from him in the streets, it’s clear that he doesn’t mean any harm. In fact, the monster has one goal and that is to find you the right job.

We also liked that the reactions of the human woman he carries mimic how someone feels when they’re searching for a new job. At first there’s a real sense of fear. Who hasn’t felt that way about searching for a new job? And only after being carried by the monster for a short time, she begins to feel comfortable with the idea. By the end of the journey, the woman appears satisfied and settles into her new job, or should we say desk.

The best part? We love the terrifying scream from the the monster’s next “victim” as he’s snatched from his high-rise office building.

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