21 Tweets Proving the Jurassic World Website Rules the Viral Marketing Universe

Jurassic World was released on June 12, 2015 and it immediately set the summer box office on fire. The fourth film in the series that began with 1993’s Jurassic Park (directed by Dr. Blockbuster AKA Steven Spielberg), Jurassic World raked in $208 million in the U.S. on its opening weekend—which is the biggest movie opening of all time.

Certainly the film’s Brontosaurus-sized marketing campaign played a part in that success. The Jurassic World website offers a great example of the work and detail that went into marketing the movie. Instead of directly promoting the movie, this website promotes the Jurassic World park itself—expertly mimicking the website of an actual amusement park.

Introducing and Expanding On the Universe of the Movie

In a recent episode of our video series Visually & Verbally we discussed some of the unique things the Jurassic World website does well from a marketing perspective, and how it walks the fine line between presenting a fully realized version of the park (even going as far as to link to the parent corporation website) and promoting the movie itself.

From weather to wait times to a park map, the Jurassic World site is stuffed to the gills with all the info you would need before visiting the park. It even includes this happy little pop-up update to let you know the park has been experiencing “technical issues” (i.e., dinosaurs eating people)…

Jurassic World Technical Difficulties

21 Tweets Showing the Strength of the Jurassic World Website

With almost unprecedented attention to detail, this site has captured the imagination of Jurassic fans and won rave reviews from the ever-critical Twitterverse. Here are some tweets showing just how successful the Jurassic World website has been connecting with the film’s target audience…


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