LEGOS that Look Like Sneakers and Sneakers that Look Like LEGOS

We’ve covered LEGO and Adidas in past. It’s possible that we’ve even covered them in the same week. But what we haven’t done is talk about a LEGO and Adidas collaboration until now! LEGO’s building block set of the Adidas Originals Superstar Shoe is another interesting brand partnership that might seem on the surface to be somewhat disconnected. Who wants a LEGO set of a shoe that you can’t wear? The answer to that is pretty simple—collectors. The deeper reality is that these two brands are a perfect match for each other. LEGO is known for creating and building things and brand collaborations and Adidas has its own Creators Club program and regularly collaborates with well-known artists on new gear. In fact, the German shoe maker released LEGO inspired sneakers in late 2020 (now only available for kids). Some might say it’s a match made in LEGO heaven. Now there’s an idea for a new building block set.

So what do you think of the LEGO set that looks like a pair of Adidas sneakers?

  • SOURCE: Adidas
  • BRANDS: Adidas / LEGO