MailChimp Wants To Be Your Second Brain

MailChimp, the popular email marketing tool with a user base of 15 million and growing, recently launched a new marketing campaign aimed at selling the automation aspect of their services. The new campaign includes a series of videos featuring a spokeswoman with an odd, nervous delivery explaining in simple terms how MailChimp’s automation services can help businesses. The core message here: Let MailChimp be a second brain for your business.

The videos quickly cover how MailChimp can help companies by automating processes like recovering abandoned carts, finding new audiences with ads, rewarding your best customers, following up on purchases, welcoming new subscriptions, and retargeting site visitors with email. Throughout the marketing, the language is simple and jargon-free. And the key benefit (more effectively engage customers with less work) is always in the forefront.

Take this copy from a recent MailChimp email as an example:

“Running a business is hard, especially leading up to this crazy-busy holiday season. That’s why we’re writing to tell you it’s probably time to turn on MailChimp’s automations. They’re like another brain for your business that takes care of all that stuff automatically.”

Fun and easily understandable with a strong message that resonates, this campaign serves as a good illustration of how a company can use marketing to speak human to its customers.

  • SOURCE: MailChimp Website/Email
  • BRAND: MailChimp

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