Meet Phil the Bottle

Imagine you’re on a run, walk, bike ride through a wonderful city or park. The wind is in your face, nothing could be better. Until, you check your water bottle for something to quench your thirst and it’s empty. Your parched tongue can’t take it much longer, so you frantically begin searching for a water fountain without any luck. You slowly trek home for some water instead of finishing your journey.

Water is essential, especially when sweat is pouring out of you on a hot day. It’s good to know where to get water when you need it. We can find basically anything on our phones, but how do you search for a water fountain? Introduce yourself to Phil the bottle. Phil the bottle is a plastic water bottle with a water fountain locator (kind of).

The bottle is produced by Pizzolorusso design studio. They are home to many minimalistic designs developed to make life and travel easier. Phil the bottle has a slick, box design different from today’s typical round water bottle. The bottle is 100% recyclable and holds 500 ml of liquid. Its white sans serif typography, offset lid and clear plastic construction makes it simple, yet elevated at the same time—proof that the outside of the bottle is just as important as the water it holds.

Each bottle has the name of a big city strewn across its side. Currently, they have New York, Amsterdam, Boston, Berlin, London, Milan, Paris, Rome,Tokyo etc. The back of the bottle lists drinking fountain locations throughout that particular city. If your city isn’t produced, no worries. They also have an “Anywhere” bottle that provides a list of places you could possibly find water in whatever city you’re in.

The concept of this design was produced with our planet in mind. The designers want to reduce the use of plastic, one-use water bottles. The Pizzolorusso site explains, “The list with the addresses of drinking fountains reminds us that every city has a privileged relationship with water, the most precious and often forgotten of public assets. This project is an amusing invitation to use more taps and less bottled water.”

The best kind of packing is interesting to look at, assists in everyday life, and helps save the planet. Phil the bottle fills those requirements, and provides the elemental fuel we need to continue our journey.

  • BRANDS: Phil the Bottle, Pizzolorusso Design Studio
  • WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT: Because you can always find thirst-quenching H2O, free of charge

AUTHOR: Meghan Mormino
ORIGIN: Speaking Human Contributor

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