Nike Serves Up Ace Serena Williams Ad that Melds Time Together Beautifully

Editing can be an amazing tool. For a prime example of the propulsive, mesmerizing effect of seamless editing, check out this new Nike commercial focusing on tennis star Serena Williams. The ad, which has been themed and released in time for Williams’ appearance in the 2018 U.S. Open Tennis Championship, is stitched together entirely from existing footage of Williams playing tennis—as a young kid training with her father, and in various stages of her career competing in the U.S. Open.

What’s amazing is how fluidly the editing connects these decade-spanning events, making it appear as if time is unfolding all at once, and telling us Serena’s inspiring story in the process. It’s another grand slam on a Nike resume chock full of great ads (see our list of the 7 best Nike commercials for more). Game, set, match.

  • SOURCE: Nike’s YouTube Page
  • BRANDS: Nike, Serena Williams
  • WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT: Because there’s nothing quite like a commercial so good it gives you chills

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