Victory! In the Race for 2018’s Best Brand, Nike Places First

As 2018 closes, many make lists not just for Santa but also for “the best of the year”. Top 10 this, top 10 that—you name it. 2018 saw brands hit big and sink low, but what was the best of 2018? The brand with victory in its name, of course: Nike. No brand was on the tongues of more Americans. The apparel company made a divisive splash with its 30th Anniversary Just Do It spot featuring Colin Kaepernick. While that ad was a huge reason it finished first, Nike did much more.

2018 started out bleak for Nike. Mired in reports of a hostile work environment and losing youth to rival brands Adidas and Under Amour, the 54-year-old company was sputtering to the finish line. However, it was never out of the race. From animorph lacrosse players to crazy Londoners to Kaepernick, Nike’s ads of 2018 were second to none and brought the brand back to the front of the pack. The Kaepernick ad alone regained millennials who embraced the “take a stand” aspect.

Beyond its ads, Nike’s revamped consumer approach resulted in a 10% growth in revenue (a whopping $9.9 billion) for the first quarter of their current fiscal year—with digital sales jumping 36%. Nike also became less reliant on department stores, instead focusing on its own “house,” which gave it direct consumer data (remember: $9.9 billion). This led to a new store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, the 68,000-square-foot, six-level “House of Innovation 000”. Nike didn’t just innovate in 2018. It won.

Nike 2018 will be defined by the Kaepernick ad. There is no way around it. Yet, even with that campaign, Nike regained valuable ground in 2018 with renewed consumer focus and millennial backing. It’s not even 2019, and Nike already has a head start.

  • SOURCE: Forbes
  • WHY it’s the best brand of 2018: because they dreamt crazy

AUTHOR: Dan Nelsen
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