Oakley Gives Fans a New Perspective on Football

Football fans often imagine what it might look like on the field during an NFL game. Unfortunately, the networks still haven’t figured out a helmet and camera rig to help fans see that angle. Fortunately, Oakley created a commercial giving fans a glimpse into an NFL player’s point of view on the field.

Oakley, a brand that develops and manufactures sports performance equipment, is an official partner of the NFL. They create the shields attached to helmets that help protect players’ eyes. These shields are made out of the brand’s Prizm lens technology, which allows people to see clearer with anti-fog, high-definition optics and protection from UV, UVA, UVB and UVC rays.

Oakley’s commercial features players from the Kansas City Chiefs, L.A. Chargers, Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Giants. It transports viewers into Patrick Mahomes’ helmet to get a first-person point of view of the field. The audio transitions from football calls to “What A Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong—perfectly depicting the wonderful way Oakley’s Prizm lens allows players to see the field.

These high-end shields are up for sale on the company’s website, so any football player can see the field like the pros. If you don’t play football but still want to sport these high-tech lenses and support your favorite team, Oakley is also selling customizable and licensed NFL eyewear.

One thing is clear, this partnership between Oakley and the NFL aims to help fans and players see the game differently.

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AUTHOR: Meghan Mormino
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